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The Great Flight (2015) Carolina Astudillo

In the early years of the Franco dictatorship, Clara Pueyo Jornet, an active militant in the Communist Party, escapes from Les Corts prison in Barcelona by the front door. From that moment, she vanishes without a trace. She had been living on the run and she sought to escape from the rigidity of her own party. Her story is also the story of the women of her time and their struggle for freedom in a society that tried to repress them.

HD 4:3
Language: Spanish


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Dreaming of Wine (2016) David Fernández de Castro

The radical transformation of Priorat is epic and exciting. In a few years, this land stopped being a depressed region to become one of the most prestigious wine-growing areas in the world. The protagonists of this story are, of course, the people in this area, but also ... the Magnificent Five. This is the nickname given to René Barbier, Daphne Glorian-Solomon, Álvaro Palacios, José Luis Pérez and Carlos Pastrana. At the beginning of the eighties, they were young, crazy, visionary and brave, and they were about to revolutionize the wine sector in Spain.

52' / 70'
HD 16:9
Language: Catalan - Spanish - English
Producida por: LastorMedia - TVE - Un Captricho de Producciones


  • Inaugural Film of the Cinema and Wine section at SEMINCI (Valladolid, Spain, 2015)
  • Best Documentary and Audience Award. FESTIVAL MEMORIMAGE (Reus, Spain, 2016)
  • Prize 'Vino Catalán', given by Incavi. MOST, International Wine and Cava Film Festival (Vilafranca, Spain, 2016)

Teaching Freedom (2017) Santi Suárez Baldrís

Often, when social conditions are more adverse, great human stories emerge. This one is about a group of teachers who founded a progressive school, Escola Mowgli, in the midst of the Franco dictatorship. Not only a pedagogical challenge to a totalitarian regime, but also a political and a cultural one, that helps to understand the roots of the current political movement in Catalonia (Spain).

27' /52' 
HD 16:9
Language: Catalan


MemoriReus-Rabassa Award. FESTIVAL MEMORIMAGE (Reus, Spain. 2016)

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Singled [out] (2017) Ariadna Relea - Mariona Guiu

This is the story of five women who are coming to terms with being single, and who are finding their place in the modern world. Shot in Australia, China, Turkey and Spain, the film is an intimate and personal four-year journey exploring what it means to be a single woman in a time of increasing independence and choice. As feminist writer Eva Cox said: "The fact that you started this film illustrates how myths are so embedded that women just assume that if they don't want a partner, if they can't get a partner, there's something wrong with them".

52' / 80' 
HD 16:9
Language: Catalan - Spanish - English
Producida por: Suricata Stories - TVC - Lacivert Film - Un Capricho de Producciones


  • Official Selection. Doc.España at SEMINCI (Valladolid, Spain, 2017)

...And Thanks (short, 2007) Santi Suárez-Baldrís

They say familiarity breeds contempt, and this is especially true between these two intimate friends who meet in a bar after a long time. Apparently, David has a perfect life, until Edu's confessions overwhelm him. It is clear that Edu's brutal honesty has a reason to be: absolute "love" for his friend.


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Ainhoa, I'm not that one (2018) carolina astudillo

documentary -  postproduction

A family that films, records and photographs daily life. Ainhoa, the youngest daughter, decides to start writing what she doesn’t want to tell anyone during her adolescence. In her diaries, which she preserves until her death, there are many experiences, stories and letters related to the experience of women. Ainhoa writes, films and she also represents herself. Ainhoa is an essay on women’s writings. An alternative chronicle to the official Spanish history of the 90’s, told from an intimate point of view and based on a real testimony. The film gives voice to a dissident, marginal and disenchanted generation.

Shitty Nigger (2018) Manel Serrat

short documentary - production

Daura is a black man from Banyoles (Girona, Spain). He is a second-generation immigrant, a young fruit of two cultures, two ways of understanding the world and feeling religion. From a very young age, he suffered violence at home and racial prejudice on the streets. A series of bad decisions led him to spend three years in prison. In his cell, he discovered the power of music and rap, as a means of expression, as a refuge and as a vital lifeline.

It's in the Air (2018) Christophe Sion

documentary - preproduction

A team of scientists undertakes a discreet investigation into the polluting elements in the fumes of a refinery in Tarragona (Spain). A court has established a direct link between the leukemia disease a former refinery worker suffers and those emissions. Scientists face the tricky problem of establishing what real danger the emission pose for the whole population.

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