Ainhoa, I'm not that one (2018) carolina astudillo

documentary -  postproduction

A family that films, records and photographs daily life. Ainhoa, the youngest daughter, decides to start writing what she doesn’t want to tell anyone during her adolescence. In her diaries, which she preserves until her death, there are many experiences, stories and letters related to the experience of women. Ainhoa writes, films and she also represents herself. Ainhoa is an essay on women’s writings. An alternative chronicle to the official Spanish history of the 90’s, told from an intimate point of view and based on a real testimony. The film gives voice to a dissident, marginal and disenchanted generation.

Shitty Nigger (2018) Manel Serrat

short documentary - production

Daura is a black man from Banyoles (Girona, Spain). He is a second-generation immigrant, a young fruit of two cultures, two ways of understanding the world and feeling religion. From a very young age, he suffered violence at home and racial prejudice on the streets. A series of bad decisions led him to spend three years in prison. In his cell, he discovered the power of music and rap, as a means of expression, as a refuge and as a vital lifeline.

It's in the Air (2018) Christophe Sion

documentary - preproduction

A team of scientists undertakes a discreet investigation into the polluting elements in the fumes of a refinery in Tarragona (Spain). A court has established a direct link between the leukemia disease a former refinery worker suffers and those emissions. Scientists face the tricky problem of establishing what real danger the emission pose for the whole population.